Update Party System on field pls
# 1
Me and my friend play this game,it just me player from BDO. fun for me and i'm enjoy it. But, it too monotone he say. Just too much solo farm,farm and farm. Farm/Grinding with friends its more fun,sir. MMORPG need Party System on field or anywhere,not sologaming, and you all know it.
thanks for read , and sorry for my bad english,sir.
#im just player who want my game to the best and more from best.

FN : AveIix ( L = uppercase i) -Serendia
Class : Witch
Guild : GtbG,Growth to be Good-Indonesian Guild.
2019-12-28 02:48
# 2
Yes agree.. please update for party system for exploring map. Must be nice.
2019-12-30 05:46