Are emulators allowed?
# 1
Are players using 3rd party emulators such as Nox, blue stacks, and LDplayer going to be banned? Asking for a friend.

*edit* they just unbanned everyone that they had announced that they banned and shamed by putting their names in the announcement, and also gave those people in game rewards for being banned.
2019-12-26 15:46
# 2

Yes, they will be banned. Read the news from yesterday ;)

2019-12-26 22:08
# 3

if youre doing it to sneak advantage over mobile players with tools such as auto hotkey or scripting in general i bet you will get banned

2019-12-26 23:37
# 4

Hanashi, People play on emulators for many reasons. Whenever it's becouse of fast game play while waiting for updates on iOS , better graphics mode than on phones older models, battery overheat or for stream purposes. All those people do not break the rules and do not gain advantage via micros. They buy their ingame content as you do. If people who use emulators to be banned than ,is it would mean return the spend money to all those people. Whould PA go for it? I do not think so. =) They might bann the cheaters but it's not becouse of they simple play on emulator.

2019-12-27 02:26
# 5



Simply playing Black Desert Mobile using unmodified emulators does not violate our Terms of Service nor Operational Policy. However, any forms of usage of modified emulators or functions that are not provided in-game violate our policies and may result in suspension. As such, we recommend using mobile devices when playing Black Desert Mobile.

2019-12-27 08:08