Game is dying really fast...
# 1
I wasn't expecting the player population to drop so fast after the merge.

This is what happens when you let Indo and TH players in 1 server. You should have given them dedicated server because they don't know how to play international servers. Can't even speak english for other players to understand.

We can't fix this anymore and it's too late. Very little to none new players. Players on-line is less than 3k, mostly AFK. Events are getting trashy and recycled. I'm still optimistic with the game, but hanging by a thread. This is a great game but sadly MISMANAGED.

Next time PA, if you release a game in ASIA, don't include INDO and TH on 1 server, give them their on servers. Learn from Blizzard and WEBZEN. Their game lasted because they didn't include these countries in Global. If you see that a game in populated by INDO or TH, that means the game is dead or dying.

Disclamer: This is NOT RACISM, it's their playing style and game play.
2022-04-20 17:37
# 2

There has been no change since the merge... And I never have seen people from either of those places in world chat. EVER. I've played from the beginning. Love the dramatic title of this topic, lol, so eye catching.

2022-04-21 00:08
# 3
Actually to say one nationality is better or worse at something is technically racisim
2022-04-22 06:44
# 4
Ask yourself why players from this countries haven't won any international competition. It's not their race, it's how the play. Look at the games that gave them a dedicated server, it's all booming, compared to games that included them in Global server, it's all dying.
2022-04-23 14:27