7.5GB scrap
# 1
I play Black Desert online (before you cry)

They changed everything in the bad way. And all those Russian Motherfuckers on the EU Server Apes who can not type English. I give a shit for this Game i'm out. Why i leave? Simple : Frack Russian Conmunity/Player Base. Frack off Pearl Abyss - no Moderator no chat rules just frack off.

Each other Game i know, they have :
Chat room monitoring, aktive GM's
game, forum Moderators "who sometimes give an answer to player questions or various concerns"
Just look at these silly updates on youtube the way they're presented, a toddler can do better.

Oh your Update changed from Pay to Win to Pay to Play -recto verso.

Free your phone from 7.5GB scrap and goodbye!

And this forum who developed it? Where is my profile or the settings? 5 images are shown to switch, all there is an "install game" link to google playstore. PA you are idiots, disabled and apparently gay.

The loading time of the homepage.. hey dude it's 2022. Pearl Abyss are you bootstrapped?? 😂

And before i go : MsPlâyêr stop using cheats better for your Account.
2022-04-06 01:24
# 2
2022-04-06 05:32
# 3

All the active players and GMs are in Discord. If you want something to do or someone to talk to, it's the best place to go to. As for the forum, this is mainly being used for their community events. So, either Discord or their Customer Support if you want some official help.

2022-04-06 17:44
# 4

Try expressing your thoughts on their Official Discord Server. The mods there are active and I heard they have the ability to forward constructive feedback to the game devs to improve the game. They also have a discord suggestion channel. Users will provide an upvote or downvote depending on the suggestion. As for my honest feedback. Yeah, the game became lackluster, they just recycle events and the drop rate/success rate still feels rigged.

2022-04-06 19:56