# 1
What I say is too complex for you you. You can be different timezone but still answer at the same time I guess that‘s too complex for you.

And if you can‘t it means you are working like a slave cause you got set schedule and that is why having a different timezone doesn‘t devalidate my argument.

You are a working slave and can only write in specific times. That was my initial argument and still is.

But I think that is too complex for you you.

I can lose or win I‘m always better than you and I promise you vs randoms like you all I never lost, always won and even have proof killing Arkan.

What you got?
Nothing just a low life ugly face and miserable fat monkey type body.

And a character that is 26k CP.
Don‘t make me laugh you are a working joke and clown. Loser.

Also your behaviour is inappropriate and you should be ashamed of it you.

You not someone judge me I judge you random.

Also don‘t think I will hold back on you randoms cause it‘s a forum.
I destroy you anywhere if you think you can talk vs me.

So shut up

2022-04-03 00:09
# 2
Does it bother you so much that I don't care about you and your hollow statements that you now have to create a forum post about me? Hilarious!
2022-04-03 03:47
# 3
Obviously it does so much that you need to answer here like you needed to talk behind my back in another thread about me.
You start this and you ask for it, now you get „it“.

You know what that „it“ is right?
Hilarous you.

Stop pm me ingame if you don’t want a thread about random like you and your statements are hollow.

I don‘t need to open thread about you, I do cause you did same by pushing another thread now I push your name with a thread of my own.

Get some CP you low 26k CP and shut up.

2022-04-03 04:42