Где взять 150 венков по История «Позаботьтесь о Сиане»
# 1
Случайно продал или выкинул венки по квесту из истории о Сиане, где можно их восстановить ? Может ли комьюнити игры мне прислать повторное письмо?
2022-04-02 23:39
# 2

Hey, why don't you contact Support to see if they can help you restore your Blue Rose Corolla? I heard they can restore some items. 

2022-04-04 03:49
# 3
Well can you write that in English again would be nice, not everyone wants to copy paste for a translation. Kind regard and thank you.

And to be honest :
I "accidentally" (you cant) sold or threw away (you will be asked) the wreaths on the quest from the story of Xi'an, where can I restore them? Can the game community send me a follow-up email?

"Do you need attention?, 7/7 24/24 russian spam is not enough?"
2022-04-04 03:50