Overcap substats with skills
# 1
Could you make that skill stats boosts for example: PvP. Damage reduction 10% of a character pasive skill don't enter in that maximum 50% PvP. Damage reduction, so you can overcap that with your skills, because we get that maximum with the gear already then feels the skills buffs are useless. Such as extra movespeed, attack speed, crítical chance, crítical damage. Thanks ❤️
2022-03-31 00:10
# 2

yowww. I've also been thinking of this for a while. Yeah, I've already sent a ticket suggesting overcapping substats with skills to the support team. I hope they will forward it to the game devolvement team :) 

2022-03-31 00:40
# 3

This would be really interesting if this would be applied to the game.   o_O

2022-04-03 14:02