Market dont work
# 1
Weapons not Show in market.
2022-03-08 06:15
# 2
The market has been changed and will only accept Pink gear or higher. This is very bad for lower level players. It wouldn’t be so bad if they would allow us to give each other equipment. They don’t town so if you’re a lower level player you’re going to have a really hard time getting the equipment you need. I don’t like this, and I think it was a very bad decision.
2022-03-09 18:41
# 3
For both of u weapons are there in market red and pinks u guys need to read patch notes so u guys don't complain for nothing. Unic difference now weapons u see in market are generic weapons that mean u can buy with all chars and when u use that go make that weapons to ur current class
2022-03-10 01:07
# 4
Houlong, I think you are misunderstanding.
They are talking about disability to sell lower grades of red and pink gears which is orange weapons. We do not worry about getting red and pink gears bc it’s still there like you said.
2022-03-10 01:58