RNG notice
# 1
Dear All
I'm sorry if I post this in the wrong chat.
Just noticed enchantment chances for weapons & armour had seem to be harder, tried using 1.4k of black crystals & got nothing lost all my crystal last night just by getting it to lvl6 only... I use it get within 600~800pcs on average but now is like not even a lvl5. Hope someone take note.

Thank you
Best regards
2021-09-22 02:37
# 2

well your not alone to be precise. many player's experience it the same way. as many player also quit and stop playing this game due to unbalance RNG. as if its RNG.

i been playing for almost 10months non-stop 24/7, but until now i dont have such better gear enhancement. 

wasted bunch of resources, even wasting cash for the sake of RNG. or even Luck. 24hrs grinding and farming is no joke if the basis is RNG.

ever since I've achieved Awaken enhance of HEX, i haven't reached the HEP, now every time i enhance my gear, it looks like enhancing a Totem

thus also my totem lock @ +6 after bunch of trial to reach at least +7 no luck


anyway still, a good game for me.

Good luck..




2021-09-30 06:56
# 3
Please check the enhancement rate before complaining, it makes you look stupid...

The higher the enhancement the lower the chances. You're complaining about wasting 800-1k resources???

When I upgrade, I use minimum of 3000 prestine PER ITEM!!! I have OCT/HEP set...
2021-10-06 04:58