TITAN REWORK ( PA doesn't know how to create a class without breaking it )
# 1
I rerolled to VK looking for a more complex character that is difficult to play, and it really is a class with a PVP that requires training, but what did the PA do with the TITAN....
how does PA allow a class to have damage combos that are so long and unstoppable???same thing with Striker...
it just doesn't make any sense, what goes on in the developers' heads? I'm really starting to believe that PA breaks classes on purpose simply to shake up the game...
because it doesn't make sense for them to be so bad and incapable of doing something like that without breaking the game.
2021-09-18 17:14
# 2
I agree, been playing since launch probably 4000 hours of pvp so far and I can say for a fact that Titan is much worse than pre nerf Archmage back in the day. Just totally breaking the game right now no matter what class I throw at them.

2021-09-18 18:09
# 3

yes yes i have been playing since December 12, 2019

2021-09-18 21:40
# 4

эти криворукие ублюдки могут только деньги с игроков вымогать, смиритесь

2021-09-19 04:57