Chaos core and Chaos jewel
# 1
Firstly, i realy like this game from i first play this game. This game the best for me.
Second, From the first release of chaos gear until now, there has never been a chaos jewel. Every day I farm 24 hours but in 1 week the chaos core only drops 1-3 pcs and can't even get it in 1 week. It's hard to find chaos core, let alone chaos jewel. Please PA fix my account drop rate. I wish I could get chaos gear too. Give me Chaos jewel or more Chaos core in 1 week.

By Family: Perkenyihan
Asia (Hexe). Thank you.
2021-08-02 19:29
# 2
Its the problem of everyone. Dont miss world boss muraka he gives chaos cores too. Everything is RNG.
Thats how it is . we must farm and grind. Relax just keep farming. The chais map is just the beginning zones theres more update to come and aometime theres events that goves it for free.
2021-08-02 21:54