Corsair / [July 27] Patch Notes
# 1

■ Corsair

Developer's Comments:


Corsair was able to maintain her Super Armor for an extensive amount of time by using the skill "Pirate Tricks" skill twice in a row, giving her a significant advantage in arena.

Accordingly, we have moved the Arena Super Armor of the "Pirate Tricks" skill to the "Descending Tide" skill, Making Pirate Tricks more risky to use in the arena, and adjusted the Super Armor retention.

Also, in large-scale battlefields, to compensate for the lack of damage that Corsair inflicts on adventurers, the PvP damage of Corsair's main skills "Ferocious Wave" and "Judgment of the Sea" skills have been increased.


Do you know that you broke the corsair? 
You removed super armor from the desired skill, and gave it to a skill that cannot be attacked.
Have you decided that you don't need to attack the corsair at all?
Need to just dive underground and run away? You broke the corsair combo in the arena, do you think when you do something?
Trying before you do something? Try ... to play it in the arena.
Since then, remove the super armor for close proximity attacks from all classes !!!
I don’t just have words of your incompetence ...
2021-07-27 22:30
# 2
You weakened Berserker ... funny ... enter the battle arena, 
see how your balance changes ended ... They laugh at you, you cut the drops, Berserkers didn't even feel it
2021-07-27 22:36
# 3
It's fair, unless they return AMs to the rework version Bers and Corsairs needs to be nerfed more...
2021-07-29 06:54