Corsair after July 27th rework
# 1

Just removing super armr from pirate tricks skill is already cut big enough Corsair survivalability. Plus Now I found more difficult to make combo via daze. only relly from parting water skill now. coz too few chance to use pirate tricks coz PA change the super armr in arena to Descending Tide (no stun/ daze, just knockup). So the result is playstyle becoming more clunky n boring. u can just knock up/bound the opponent, not give enough room to bring the rain of combo like usual. also making soaring wave skill more difficult to be casted because usually that skill more likely to hit when use with combo.
So this pirate tricks skill nerfing really impact to corsair dps and other skills also. 

U cannot just cut n remove the super armor in arena stat from pirate to descending skill as simple as that without calculated overall performance of the others Corsair's skills n combos.
Afterall Corsair take the water element, the skills should flowing not clunky like recent skills update. How come we can use buff to other skills damage such as ferocious water to become Corsair advantage when the condition now is harder to use it. The point is Corsair need more decent n viable 7daze skills to replace daze stat on pirate tricks.
Really disappointing

2021-07-27 14:34
# 2
It's called Nerfed for a reason... Just Imagine if we AMs still have our rebuilt versions... You won't win...
2021-07-27 18:41
# 3
On this Corsair it is not possible to play in the arena after the update ... 
You can forget about the combo.
When developers do this, do they even think what they are doing?
Berserker Desert Mobile, HIS type was nerfed, funny ...
2021-07-27 20:59
# 4

OH cmon u finaly can get beaten by some other class! try to play nova! ull see what is lol combo and not having survivabilty ....

2021-07-28 01:21