Drop rate and other...
# 1
Dear developers and marketers. Have you completely lost your conscience and shame? What happens to the drop since the last update? You have most definitely cut down on the drop rate of items in the field. I understand that the Global version of your game is made solely to siphon money from players. But turn on your head and start thinking. Players start to leave the game, the reasons for the incredibly crooked chance of obtaining items. I've been playing your game since launch. I don't have pink jewelry for me, since I haven't got a single book for all the time. Chaos items are also not expected in the near future. World trade, at level 100, does not yield black pearls. You have obvious problems with the mechanics of the game.
2021-07-16 11:42
# 2
They specifically said the RNG is low in the maintenance stream. Why are you complaining? If you don't like RNG you are playing the wrong game :(
2021-07-16 13:25