Chaos Jewel drop error for Free To Play player category ?
# 1
How many smartphone device should i sacrefice to do farming for 24 hrs and couldnt stop. For real i used Snapdragon 660 and gettin so hot every get online Black Desert Mobile
2021-07-16 06:59
# 2

easy solution. get a pc then play using an emulator


inb4 someone says that the game should be played in mobile because BDM beserker desert MOBILE. well duh the game is made to be an endless grindfest and too bad mobile phones arent made to be plugged in 24/7 but PCs can handle it.

2021-07-16 09:02
# 3
Following your suggestion, id rather to play another game that fit in for PC :)
2021-07-17 21:02