Don't be selfish
# 1
For the knowledge, I was farming in Crescent Mountains. Within the first few minutes of entering the area, four different people, one by one, came up on their horse, got off and started farming right on top of me!

I kept moving to a new area each time the selfish player decided to auto farm right on top of me. A short time later, a fifth person rode up and got off their horse right on top of me in my new area, I could melee them if they also were in outlaw mode (they weren't). I know people use auto-path to saved location, so I waited to see if they would move to their own spot but unfortunately they started farming on top of me. I moved for the fifth time, to a nearby corner, but far enough away so we wouldn't stray into each other on auto attack.

Had one of these five people moved to this spot, they would have got a Chaos Jewel, but it was due to being selfish that they did not receive it.

Today is my 25th day in the game; I was only farming knowledge, I did not intend to collect even a Chaos Core in this area. I did intend to collect red EXP scrolls and ingredients for my totem (why I came here instead of normal Hadum).

Keep farming, I send all my good Chaos rng luck to you, the reader :)

Also if it helps you: What was I equipped with? I had my knowledge pets and Stone of Luck I on, and was carrying Rainbow Jewel Fruit (for tier 8 horse) in my inventory. Most of my gear is Abyssal IV.
2021-07-13 19:49
# 2
It's funny how you were complaining about Drop rates the other day... And now you get to flex your Chaos Jewel... Lol!
2021-07-13 22:15
# 3
I was too low at the time to enter Chaos areas and again, not trying to get Chaos gear for a while still ;)
2021-07-14 05:56