pearl abyss.your global game is over
# 1
call that an update..ichecked out your korean update on utube,,sowheres our event with 500bp,450bp etc? that was just one of the events you gave korea...
wheres our blackpearl for white pearlexchange?
wheres all the costumes for bp,that korea has..
wheres scamatu accessories?

whys our drop rates nothing like koreas?
why u do this? heres koreas utube:
2021-07-13 07:14
# 2
# 3
lol why you compare global with kr ? only stupid persons do that . like kr have one more year them global só is normal they have bater drop rate qnd better events like global go get soon
2021-07-15 14:40
# 4
lol xtrikaur the idiot, i played kr game over 2 years ago and they still had more choice back then, get yourfacts right nxt time and watch some kr utubes if u think im lying...idiot
2021-07-19 01:29