P.A ... why(new bp store)
# 1

the old bp store was good as it was why did you guys change it to what ever this new Bp store is.  you guys need to revert this asap man you guys basically messed up the f2ps in this game preper for some back lash on this.


2021-07-13 04:53
# 2
yes pa bulling f2p . first das zerek to big CP noobs can win without Know how to do pvp now only CP abuse and spam skils . them this crap put they put 3/5 itens in one pack make us buy more them we whant . but they leave wp itens like before . #pawhydontdosametop2w? . I thing pa dont care about f2p they are make life from f2p alot more hard .... if you whant make this shits make other game only to spenders ...
dont make sence do a free game and them after one year start fck us f2p .....
2021-07-13 06:52
# 3

This update made me uninstall the game.

2021-07-13 07:04