# 1
Devs's and PA's i think its time you buff some skill damage of titan. So it can be more competable in pve and pvp. I just noticed that in the new class even previous new classes that are released got more skill damage in just level 1, mine are all already level 6 but still, damn bro. Is this kinda joke? Among all the class titan is one or maybe is the lowest in skill damage. All the good staff is in the range class (mostly) and with the new class, the skill damage plus its good mobilty, the skill cd, and also the quick skill actions. Titan is a melee class can you be more considerate regarding with that dev's. We titan user's in this game are waiting on the buff, hopefully asap. This game also is kinda role playing in some ways and titan is one of the tank here, so give some love to the class.
2021-06-29 09:14