Market price adjustment for glyph and etc., Last patch 6/22/21
# 1
I cannot find any sense why PA increase the prices in those things in market? They got the wrong idea why glyph got low market trade in this days. Its due to
most of the players got glyph already bro, yeah not all got red or pink but still. I mean whale players already got the glyph they want so they wont spend on it now. And holy juices the chance in looting glyph in hadum is super low. yeah we can buy it in medal of honor but obtaining it is not that easy, especially for the low cp tier. See the bp's in the market they just stock for day's or week why? Bcoz its to expensive bro! Most of the player will just wait till the price will get more lower after then they will buy it. The heck they think? Hope dev's will read this. Many players are just more like f2p here and i know there silvers are not that enough to spend like that shit price. After a week unknown glyph will be 1b silver 😂 and still none will drop it in market. And if there is for sure no one will buy it. Spend 1b for glyph and u get the lowest. 😂
Just sharing of thoughts.
2021-06-25 06:33
# 2
I think you need tissues to wipe away the ... (too many uses of tissues, demn)
2021-06-26 01:42
# 3
mannythetroll strikes again...get a life loser
2021-07-01 00:52