Mobile MMO with worst RNG in MMO history!
# 1
I paid & lost tons of money just to enhance 1 gear. ONE GEAR, and it all went to waste! Imagine, enhancing 1 of your gears to HEX, depleting 80K of Restoration scrolls, 1300x of 50%Advice of Valks, 380x 10%AOV & thousands of awakened enhancing stones - only for it to turn to TRI! And all your enhancing items turns to dust! Just like that! JUST LIKE THAT!!!
Unlike any other Mobile & PC MMO’s I played in the past, the RNG in this game is somewhat rigged, in which players are forced to spend tons & tons of credits every-time they fail to upgrade their gears & enhance their CPs!

Well, sheeeesh! I’ll go back and return to Elder Scrolls Online & switch to BDM KR ver. because the global ver. of BDM is high-key total BS, and PA is probably run by some mafia.
2021-06-13 09:33
# 2
I remember almost having a mental breakdown and smashing my phone after failing 800 attempts on getting my sub weapon to reach PEN. I was on the verge of spending my sh*t for enhancements on the market, and by nanoseconds, I made up my mind & gave up on the attempts itself.
My Global account is now piloted & only checked it myself once a month to see if they (PA) put some changes on it.
I switched back to my BDO account on PC in which I play sometimes when I’m free since on that version, you can progress without spending a little dime. Even though the grinding, guild/node wars, PVE & PVP content is somewhat repetitive & gradually bores me, imo. Same goes with the mobile version.
2021-06-13 18:34
# 3
I deleted my global acc & switched to KR server last year because of my 16k failed attempts to enhance my totem to +7 & 800k of caphras dust to enhance my crit sushi to VIII.
Biggest regret I made was investing too much into this game, especially on global server whereas in KR, you can chillax & not worry too much about competing with other players.
2021-06-13 18:58
# 4
I don’t play this game anymore, but I recently heard from a friend that the gears like armors & weapons rng have the same paradigm as totem’s rng. Rng in this game is based on pure luck and luck only. There’s no accessory or item that increases your success rate or luck on upgrading your gears which is so sus big time.
2021-06-14 01:37
# 5
Started to come back in this game just last week and hearing about this makes me rethink about my decision, even though I know for a fact that the rng system in this particular mmo is like the exaggerated version of every casinos’ “slot machine”.
2021-06-14 06:32
# 6

Totaly agree with you all ,when you try harder and harder ,you can see some new players just arrived To make it. I have spent like more than 120 sushi to fail my up To +8 and that's just an exemple.... 

Stop to play with our nerf .

I've never seen a game with all you do are based on a RNG .

Totem up

Gear awake 

Loot emblem

Loot rush boss (never seen a red in 1 year half)

Alchemy stone awake 

Relic awake 


And i'm sure i Forget some more 

And all with a % so low 

Sorry but after 50euro spent in this game ( pc or ps game price ) To MAYBE up a little that's too much

2021-06-14 07:57
# 7

I stopped playing global last year, went to KR ver, then came back 4 days ago to see what's changed.


looks the same, still very bad. and the events in global OMG let's not go there.

2021-06-15 22:23
# 8
global is dying game, they onlycare about kr vrrsion, you dont even see them replyto these comments! will switch to odin or ni no kuni when they have global! hope theirrng isnt so rigged!
2021-06-17 22:38
# 9

Do you think the resources you spent are enough???

When I upgrade my Items to HEX I have prepared twice the resources you have...

Now I have 3 HEP and 3 HEX...

HEX = 1000+ prestine, 50000 resto, 10B Silver

HEP = 2000+ prestine, 100000 resto, 20B Silver

OCT = ............. 2x2x2x
2021-06-20 05:51
# 10
2021-07-08 08:48