Game is Dying????
# 1
Has anyone notice that the gamer Population is SOOOOOOO LOW now???

What happened???

I noticed it started Happening with the Black Sun patch...

-If you force players to PvP just to farm and get materials and often gets killed by stronger players, what would they do??? - Quit...

-To focused on character creating but the content is recycled.

-To LOW RNG (I have no issues with this).

Can you guys put more of the issues that you think thats killing the game???
2021-05-26 06:08
# 2
Yes. Don't discuss it too much. The Dev is sick. Let fhem do what they want. As player that play this game at 1st release, and wait 2 years before just to play, this game Dev is too sick. Too much disappointed, experienced sick imbalance system, almost on all aspects of this game. This game is tragedy, good enough but sick, a projection from mentally sick of the Dev. No hope. This game will die soon. I hope the company too. :)
2021-05-26 18:12
# 3
This my friend is a prime example of "Carebears".
2021-05-27 08:30
# 4
Farm farm farm! And all I get is junk!!!
2021-06-01 11:12
# 5

Go play the Korean version, its much more fun.


The content and rewards are much better, almost everything you buy there with black pearl not real money like the global version.


the merchantry system is fun, it makes you want to do it, not like global.


PvP much better, they never match you with stronger players.


Camp manager and life plus you can buy them with black pearl, social shop with black pearl, weekly rewards with black pearl.


the Korean version is the version to play, not greedy like the global.


2021-06-04 12:19
# 6
Yes it is definitely dying, rng extremely bad ,scaming all players money, I will expect a server merge soon , 3 server for half of the player that use to be is a waist
2021-06-08 12:54