Stop the bull$&@# updates PA
# 1
You know P.A. I've stuck by this game even if you don't give a damn about the rest of the players and only cater to the 1%, but now I'm finding there is no reason to keep playing this stupid game. Everything you do or touch goes to $#@#. I loved merchantry. Now 1x rewards for doing it? Do you actively hire mentally challenged to work for you? Not to mention have drop $500+ a week for a chance to get a red or pink emblem? Wtf is your issue? There no point in even playing this casino based trash when you don't give a damn about your regular player base. I mean I use to love ramos. Daily rewards and it was fun. Now it's get trash party and face players 5kcp higher who walk around 1 shot you and cheat when they can't and you don't care. I really hope your bet on the 1% supporting this trash goes well for you I for one am getting sick of your updates that break the game further and take away the small dose hints some of us look forward to daily. I know you don't give a damn so good luck in your future endeavors and enjoy the dumpster fire you created.
2021-05-04 08:17
# 2

The game is fun (to me), but I make it a point to avoid all the PvP garbage.  PvP is ALWAYS designed around P2W.  I have 0 interest in that prepubescent circle jerk stuff and leave it to the sheep.

2021-05-11 03:03