Why infinite PVP kills? Why is there no limit? killed 20 times in 5 minutes is acceptable?!?
# 1

I'm playing in Calpheon Server Asia. And I don't understand why there is NO LIMIT to killing the same player 20 times in PVP!?!?!

I just want to farm in Nightmare map, there's only 20 players, enough for everybody. But the high CP players from the same guild, keeps going around to kill players for.....absolutely no reason. And they can stand at the portal, killing anyone who comes in, even the same player for 20 times, which is me!

Why is there no cap, no limit, no time suspension for killing the same player 20 times in 5minutes?!?! What is this concept?

High CP means they can force people out of the game by killing them infinitely?


2021-04-16 00:32
# 2
the game was done by groups of people with hands out of the ass, they can ruin everything to touch
2021-04-19 11:39