GM Quest: run a constellation
# 1
Todays GM Quest is mfBS. Not everyone has 55.000 Family CP to run a fkn constellation. And those that have 55.000 family CP don't need those rewards anymore. So stupid.
Make those quests accessible for everyone!
2021-04-09 22:08
# 2
Yes,I thing so

2021-04-10 06:19
# 3

If you look at the metric's PA is releasing content far to quickly. If we look at the tabs what about 5000-7000 players have a family CP of greater than 55k. What is that total like 5% of your player base has access to your new content. Than for newer players that are entering they get lack luster events that don't even progress them enough even in 6 months to hit that family CP barrier of 55k. Unless they grind out 3-8 hours a day for 3 months minumum. I personally just started for 3 months but I spend a considerable amount of time and money and only reached 14k CP and family CP of 60k. That's a full 10-24 hour grind with afk farming never shut off.  These CP barriers are becoming an issue, where even more new content is blocked by a CP wall and also a PVP wall. Want to enter the new nightmare mode, better get your PVP game going. Horrible event directions, horrible understanding of where the community average strength is. Even in the POD cast, they were going oh you guys are killing the world bosses and Lyten so quickly. No, it's a select few core indivuduals that are able to do that. They really need a CP gap event, where the rewards help new players hit that sweet spot of progression. 


There's a reason why Korean based games tend to fail in Northa America. It's highly grindy and usually pay to win. But that isn't the issue, it's always been the lackluster amount of attention they gave the new auidence trying to get into the game. They focus on the top players. So when im telling my friends what to play, why mention black desert. You'll never be able to expeiernce the PVP fairly, PVP events fairly, or even touch base on future content because there's this massive wall. Usually games try to gap close as much as possible the difference in streght. For example WoW, you can basically fight top tier bosses with thee worse gear possible and slowly grind your way up. At least you get to touch base on the content. But here even if you get close to the CP Wall, new content comes right out and your back to square one feeling weak and useless. Thus quitting, than looking at the numeric numbers of the audience playing we can see why it's failing so quickly. 


2021-04-13 14:07