Can someone explain why the game won't let me put items for sale in the Market ?
# 1

Hi, i have read the information pertaining to the Market place. It says i can have up to 30 items for sale at any one time in the Market. Atm i only have 11 items for sale out of a possible 30 items but when i try to add more items for sale it just says: "You may not Register sellable items at or more than the number of times of the trade limit".

I have not been able to find any information on the "Trade Limit" in the Market Information. Can someone explain to me In Plain English why it stops me from adding items before i get to the 30 item limit ??  Thank you.

2021-04-06 05:03
# 2

You can only select 5 Items daily. 30 Items overall.

For example you put 5 Items every day on the market you reach your cap. of 30 Items in 6 days.

2021-04-06 07:06
# 3

OK, so only 5 items per day can be placed in the Market, but why on a new day will it not let me put a Liverto Longsword in the market but it will let me put a Shamir Bracelet in the Market ?? why yes to some items but no to other items ! ??????????

2021-04-09 03:21
# 4
It is because you can only post 5 items per day that can giveyou silver. Thats why you can put braclet for bp but not Liverto for silber
2021-04-09 14:52
# 5

OK, thank you etic, that has made things clearer. This Info wasn't on the BDM Market Information page that i could find.

2021-04-11 06:52