# 1

Is it so hard, PA, to make even teams in Ramoness?

Why do i have to meet 18k+ cp each whale team twice in a row and do close to zero damage to them? I don't even have a fucking option to surrender.

How do you think you can win such a battles if you are being 2 shotted and can't even escape from fast runners like phantasma and zerker?


JUST DO NOT PAIR SUCH AN UNEVEN TEAMS!! I'd rather have no battle than battle like this.

So F U because you only care about milking whales even more.

2021-03-07 06:14
# 2
Agree!!I use to like rammoness and doing it daily but last few months stoped playing it at all exactly bc this reason...... Matchmaking in rammo is totally broken...... even im not sure that there is any CP matching at all..... 90% of times difference in CP between teams is beyond any limits.
2021-03-07 13:19
# 3

The funny part is that they do a Ramones championship that is going to be "balanced" but to qualify you have to rank high in Ramones. That's impossible for the 15K.

2021-03-10 13:29