To the developers of the Game
# 1

Hello I am an avid player of Black Desert Mobile and have been playing this game since it came out and like all dedicated gamers I also do research on in game content and various tips and guides of the game online from all different types of players even from different versions of the game. It has come to my attention that the Korean version of this game seems to be a much more complete version as it contains a much greater variety of content in all aspects such as classes events higher level equipment and much more. While this may seem unreasonable and likely won't be looked into very much I would like the developers to start incorporating the same content from the Korean version into this one in future updates such as newer classes chaos level gear etc. It would allow players to continue playing the game for much longer with newer content to enjoy. Thank you. 

2021-01-24 06:46
# 2
you need to see one thing . you cant mix kr whit global . becouse kr have 2 years and global one só dont compear in a few time you go have same stuff them kr . evolution of global is more fast then kr was on past. and you whant same in global them in kr you need to whait . pa cant make a super massive update in global so global become like kr that is the same you say game will die in 1 day if they do that . spenders allready have a big CP difrence if they speed up updates more that difrence go icrease 3 times more .
2021-01-25 22:03