Reward players for playing not for just paying
# 1
Requesting for next patch to be more pve related i feel the last half of dozen patches have been heavy pvp related. Been f2p since i started this month of last year and at one point i was only 2k away from the leaders. Now im about 8k and skill can no longer save me alone. Yall have gotten far to geedy with pay to win and progress. I really enjoy the game but give us f2p players some pve content that will at least give us a chance to close the huge gap. Also please ditch the reset to zero function on alch stones if they fail im fine with loosing a lvl maybe but zero come on.
2021-01-15 19:48
# 2
If u play almost 1 year, like play januari ur cp should 11k - 12k. F2P only get from event and the End F2P Just patient
2021-01-15 20:52
# 3
we need to remove the ability to reduce the characteristics of improvements altogether,
if we want to experience disappointment, then for this we do not need this game, although buying lottery tickets
we have a chance to get a win, playing here we do not get anything, and these prizes in the arena of ramones,
people spent in a thousand times more to get them, idiots, they could just go and buy a hundred such prizes and it would be
2021-01-15 23:30
# 4
If you have been playing for a year and your CP is at 8k, then you aren't playing enough. F2P from last year are now at 11-12k CP range.
2021-01-19 18:56
# 5
In there defence they fail your enhancements even when you're paying what bugs me is that you have to collect your stones then buy your valks then get your restoration scrolls and none of it works. I just don't see the point in making us jump through all those hoops to do it the safe way and it doesn't work I took about a six month break because of it the last day I put $250 into valks 50% I don't even bother with a 10% ones and restoration scrolls and this is after spending everything I grinded over the course of 2 weeks just to keep failing and then spending money thinking it can't keep failing all day 's at some point they will show mercy but no they won't gettingg the point now where being a better player doesn't really matter because the the Cp gap is too big there are two ceilings in this game the one for the people that are lucky or liked and the one for everybody else and it's about a three or four thousand CP Gap and you can't buy your way up if you really want to enjoy this game give up on the min maxing and just enjoy the game that's really all you can do they need the big guys to beat up on us so we spend while protecting there Wales and making sure they're just out of reach like a damn carrot
2021-01-25 11:22