the corrupted black sun mode! please hear this!
# 1

i know this is all random but seriously the black sun mode is so corrupted there is no way you earn points you cant enjoy the game without these spawn killers and searchin low cps killers. theyve abslutely ruined the game for me at least. you cant even fight them i just got out of the game didnt even left it on afk mode theyre abusing their cps takin advantage over low cp players now im in no guild rn but still it doesnt means i have to be in guild to enjoy the game its so hard you cant even put up a fight against these players when their cps is twice as much as  urs. my cp is over 11k and its still impossble to earn points in black sun mode for minute!!!!! you cant unless youve found a good spot where no one can find u beside jesus its very frustrating idk if black desert knows anythin about this but i feel really bad for those who are in no guilds with lower cp than mine. now ik ppl are gonna be like pay to get stronger or grind harder i dont like the idea payin to get stronger but i prob grind harder than 70% of the community i always get on for events bosses at least i try to like i said ik black desert is not goin to do anythin about it but at least turn off the pvp mode bc its not even a pvp anymore when u die in TWO SECONDS!!!! litearly im not even joking besides spawn killers with the whole guild in whole area the only safe place is your village and towns where the pvp mode is off i doubt anyone is gonna read this whole paragraph. im never pvping again im just gonna stick with off pvp mode and monsters.

2021-01-15 12:36
# 2
Everyone, forget the Black Sun event exists and Do everything else! Gees!
2021-01-15 15:04
# 3

The "good" thing is, its not all the time and in every area, so i just switch to another alt to quest in lower areas or go to Hadum or whatever else in that time. Or make boss rushes, or merchantry.  

In the end i just try to ignore it just like every kind of PvP in most games.


2021-01-18 05:02
# 4

I view the event as a reward for those that pay them the most money.  A "look how powerful you are! Keep giving us money to keep it that way!"


as long as they keep paying and making the game available for the rest of us, I say let them have their gay circle jerk.

2021-01-19 04:03
# 5
What is black sun :v
2021-01-19 20:34