Black sun, what are you promoting here?
# 1

This is not PvP, PvP is 1v1 in a fair match or guild v guild......


This is high CP players running around stealing low CP player's progress.


This is what you are promoting here (stealing ).


Fun for the High CP and frustration for the low CP.





2021-01-10 22:19
# 2
the essence of the black sun is that you would like to become stronger, and in order to become stronger you need to give a lot 
of money to the Koreans without a guarantee of becoming stronger, this is a gold mine, as dialectics says, what is cheap to acquire
is expensive to operate, this free-to-play game will cost more expensive than all the most expensive games in the store or play for free, for fun, do not chase power(с)
2021-01-13 07:37
# 3

I agree, farming and farming on the weakest are introduced here, so you can say that PA deceived us because it said that there will be a choice to either farm or you can fight with players for points, unfortunately there is no choice and people with high CP win max. The only thing weak people can do is collect 10K and go to the city, let the strong players farm themselves and kill each other :) it's the only way to have anything than to count on luck that you will be able to collect more.

2021-01-17 12:46
# 4

Phew, glad I'm not the only one that has an issue with Black Sun. The event is poorly designed and completely pointless for average players. It's nothing but a killfest for whales and larger guilds and if an average player joins they just end up losing all their points by the time it's over. I've given up with even trying to participate even though the rewards are pretty decent. To make matters worse, the event completely shuts off the most popular area to farm. Those of us that like to farm overnight either have to stay up late to switch back to West Valencia or farm in a sub-optimal area at night. 



2021-01-19 21:53