I need serious advice
# 1
Good morning Community!

As first I want to wish all of You path of succession in new year '21!
I got two important questions:
- tell me something about alt character(same family or other account?) - exp. how and when use it, when should I create an alt and maybe any advices from Your experience;
- as second, but much more important think: could someone write some kind of simple PVE build for Dark Knight? Im almost 60 and honestly I've never thank about this since I've started but now I GOT A REALLY STRONG FEELING that order of my skills isn't correct.
I'll be really glad for quick answer respond!

Greetings adventurers,

PS. My English isn't either good but i hope it's understanding as well
2021-01-01 02:58
# 2
greetings to my brother, my english is not better than yours
at the expense of another character did not understand, do you want to transfer experience?
then you need two characters above level 70 and then you can transfer experience from the character,
for example, level 80 to the one with level 71 and then the first will become 71, and the second will become 80 the simplest build is those skills that have a higher damage multiplier in percentage and which are associated with the elements
of aal or ahiv how could I help Happy New Year to you too
2021-01-01 03:21
# 3
I'm truly glad for Your answer,

Maybe have You (OR ANYONE ELSE OF COURSE) any advices for begginer?

2021-01-01 07:53
# 4

I greet again, this game is very simple, in fact, the characters differ only in animation and attack distance, there are no secrets here, so there are no game guides, the main thing is to carry out daily activity, event conditions and try to get into a strong guild about donation, this is a matter of personal preference, remember that you are giving real money for the illusion that you will get the opportunity to become stronger, in fact, they rarely offer a real enhancement of the character, about the simplicity of the game, in fact, you need to have top gear, the maximum level of skills, and which character is not important, well, having a strong team, with a big difference with the enemy, it does not help much, but it is better to be in a team

2021-01-02 02:58
# 5
Hey there,

Usually you make alts for GoP, were you need 6 characters on your account to beat high levels!

First create a new character and then dress him/her up with best items you can put on it, you need the highest br you can achive on it.

After this you can start leveling him/her up :

- doing auto questing, witch is the slowest one
- or go in Hadum Realm, look for the monsters close to your cp and sent it to fight, you will get lvl 60 in minutes (the fastest way to lvl up)

You can use the potion for "Leader blessing" witch costs 30 black pearls

The items you can acquire from maket or in the gold coin shop ( i would go for JIM items on alts )

Take care, and have fun!
2021-01-02 06:25