FIX Arena Matchmaking system!
# 1
if you not make the arena system with grade from CP player as fast as u can.. ur pvp content sucks.. is it not event close from what u say there.. rank arena? base from what? even the balance cp doesnt help much..
2020-12-16 13:52
# 2

ranked arena match making is not about cp its about your points. you will be against someone near your ranked arena points (e.g. if youre in 3500 you will be against someone in 3400~3600 regardless of their cp).

2020-12-19 02:18
# 3
@kuyagerger nahh.. some point maybe your right. But keep this is mind bro you cannot really increase ur points if you will face more often a way more above tha the cp u indicated. Thats why many players could say it still sucks. And frustrating sometimes btw. They added "applied cp-correction" but 70%-80% you will face over 2000cp higher than yours. Do u think thats not sucks? Me im a knight in cp bracket but i face a count cp bracket sometimes. Thats why they must put a more corrective system to that. Wit the numbers of the players playing this game i think its not that really hard.
2020-12-19 05:04
# 4

again its based on your arena points. even wonder why you keep on fighting the same person over and over? reason is #1 as mentioned before. 2# there is no one else queing on your point bracket. until that person gets high enough points and you get low enough then no one else is queing... you will encounter him again and again until youre both out of that point bracket.


i do this as well. i play rank arena on the second or third week of the month coz  im trying to avoid the whales who are climbing the ranks during the first two weeks of the season. atm im 13k cp and im just happy to reach master since challenger is whale territory the reward is not worth the effort. yeah i bulldoze my way from platinum/diamond then never bother again. maybe this is the reason on why you encounter high cp players on lower ranks.

2020-12-19 06:59