Server Channel Selection and PVE Party System
# 1

Hi Black Desert Mobile GM & Admin,

Greetings.... I would like to ask kindly to your teams... if it is possible that you can Make or Add in the Game, The Server Channel Selection.. Most of the players like this option and linked to this is to have the PVE Party System for us players to play side by side with the one you like and friends as A Group party of our choice... I trust that you may grant this request as a lot of players have been looking forward to play along side there choosed player and friends... For most that I encountered, getting my friends to play along with me are being distributed ramdomly in a certain channel per server... So the best way players can enjoy the game is to have this additional options for mobile, just similar with Black Desert on PC that I'ved played...I hope that your team can consider this type of option that can bring the full potencial of the Game and good impact of the Game play... 


Thank you so much In Advance,

All the Best to your Teams...

2020-12-15 03:48
# 2
Good tought.. And we all must agree.. Slowly implementing stuf from bdo Will keep players here.. Since playing on mobile is more ok these days.. Having The same stuff as bdo Will get players here
2020-12-16 21:49