Game is nearly dead for F2P
# 1
Hey PA you sell everything, I mean damn everything in shop , come on and sell skillbooks too to kill f2p players completely .
Ps: drop rate and rng is killing the game slowly now in mediah server in US I see optimal server more than before , you losing ppl , may be it's not important for you and you just care about money , so you'll close the game and make another for milking whales
For your informathin vaccine for covid-19 will come soon and ppl will go to normal life and have less time to play so think more
2020-11-16 13:34
# 2
Yeah..I agree with you..i play this game just because i have to stay at home during this pandemic..if they won’t change or improve their RNG system I don’t think i will keep playing this game once the pandemic is over.
2020-11-17 01:59