# 1
Admin please increase the drop rate of skillbooks!!!
2020-11-09 05:49
# 2
Drop rate for skill books is horrendous, this is one thing that is getting to me, and it will make me quit. I'm not gonna stand for it and take it, am gonna move on to something else, since the drop in this game is deliberately made bad to make you spend countless hours grinding and getting nothing for it, there is no progress. Game feels like a gigantic waste of time, it does not even have a proper mode in which you play with friends, it's mostly just grinding, that's the whole game, there is no adventure or playing with friends.
PS: In 1 month only had 2 drops for skill books after 60, the yellow ones. I'll give it a week if drop is still shit I quit, not wasting anymore time on a BS game and I suggest you don't ether.
2020-11-13 09:08