No interaction with void knights
# 1
FairyKingRob is a really good void knight. He dark cloud forms up to my character surprise attacks rolls back (evade). If I counter I attack him while he is evading then he dark clouds form again. If I get knocked down he gets his attack on me and then dark cloud forms away. I've tried shield charging against him no luck, ive tried Take down no luck, ive tried curving my charging thrust so that I can catch him after the evade no luck. So then I tried letting him use up his dark cloud form when he gets next to me I evade let him roll back and get into dark cloud form and use more it. Then I charging thrust after him trying to catch him when he gets out of form. When he drops out of dark cloud form he rolls back (evades) my charging thrust plus spinning slash trying to connect but he's in a roll. Then he knocks me down and attacks. That form goes longer than charging thrust. They don't need dodges if they have that ability put a cool down on it everyone else has cool downs on their abilities. So we have our shield up they surprise attack our shield takes the hits we cant counter attack the same in starting to happen with paladins. Please fix this issue PA
2020-11-08 11:16