Ramones damage can't deal much damage to 9.8k while I'm 10.2k
# 1
Can someone explain why I can't deal much damage to Grandmaster 9.8k in ramo while my cp is 10.2K ? If ramoness is balanced as they say only skills matter why I get high damage from some players while I can kill others in a few hits ? If balanced I wont be able to kill low cp players in three to four hits and the same applied on me when I face higher cp. Which mean Ramoness is not for low cp players.
Some says above 10k will reduce to 9k to be on equal foot but I think they will have high AP then others.
Share ur experience let's see if I'm wrong.
2020-11-01 18:57
# 2
Pay to win that's all and some are using hack while PA ignoring it because they pay money also don't bother wait for answers I don't even know why they opened form when they never replied 😂😂😂
2020-11-01 19:30