BDM bugok!
# 1
Whats the sense of many characters and their class in the game if its unbalance? I mean when will you buff the behind/low class devs? Or nerf thos class that are OP. Is new meta or meta2x characters is what you want? Then dont call this an MMORPG game. We know its not just 1v1 here in the game, there is mass pvp indeed. But still we players will noticed somthing. The top classes has more solid effect in skill buffs SA, daze or bound. Delete nlang cguro nang uban class oi! Unsay pulos!? And i will also talk about in your rank arena. I think there are plenty already using speed hack. It so really frustrating. We mobile users doing such effort to reach master tier and yet so hard to succeed due to players that doing that macro speed hack sh**s or whatever it is. Clean that devs! Baned those players who is using such. Emulator players are already so advantage in this game and they using this sh**s in rank arena. I think its abusive already! Do something ASAP devs. Or more players will quit this game. Mahurot sad atong bright sa inyu oi! Nimal.
2020-10-30 09:15