Ask, does anyone have problem with deff huntres?
# 1
Almost one year i use Huntrees, and now i have problem, what happened with Defense huntres now so weak?
Except arena or ramones,
But at street war, when 1vs1 with same cp or under cp, my huntres easy to died?
Enemy almost pahntsma or berseker,
What happned? Anyone can explain?
My cp 10.928,
2020-10-30 02:46
# 2
Every game I played I choose huntress or archer because I love their fighting style.The same applied here. However last three to four months when huntress got nerf or something got wrong with other classes. The current huntress is the weakest in my eyes. It can't run fast but other classes except huntress can run fast. The huntress weakness is hit her and run and comeback hit and run in ramoness or other field the smart players know this. While it defense is the weakest too here. So if you fall or knocked down you are dead for sure. In ramoness u can't hit behind the walls while others can specially phant it can finish you from behind the walls and u can hit him because your skills don't go through it. Only one skill can hit from the sky but it takes time to cast and you are dead. If you fight berserker you are dead (in the same cp). If you fight AM you are dead. if you fight paladin you are dead because it shield can protect him. If you fight phant you are dead because the cast faster then you. If you fight invoker you are dead if that player know how to play well with it. Only u can enjoy fighting titan and destroyer 😂😂.the other classes got fast casting then have huntress and while we have weak defense so we are dead. I changed to lupa then I'm currently trying AM and boom I can defeat many player in my first day in normal arena.

Unfortunately PA never reply nor take action to solve this at least we can skip AM skills if u have fast hand but Berserker (superman) we can't the moment u failed to knock him down u are dead it doesn't matter which class u play with you are dead.

Lately I found AM using speed hacker or what we call in game teleportation and guess what nothing happened to him why ? Because he paid the game so they turn blind for this kind of actions. Stop a moment and imagine AM is already OP and he got speed hack what will u expect? She turned to super witch and You are dead of course 😂😂😂😂.

I have a way to force PA nerf superman and super witch. Easy and simple switch to one of these classes. I prefer super witch because it can run fast and deal damage and heal it self.
While superman can heal himself too and deal much damage but super witch can run faster than him🏃🏃.

Good luck.
2020-11-01 18:09