Hadum knowledge to high to clear
# 1
PA and BDM Dev's. Can u make the knowledge in hadum a little low? Coz i think its really hard to clear it all. So many areas in a single map (like serendia, calpheon, etc.). And so many monsters in a single area. So how do you think we can do that? I know its more challenging when u put hard and effort with it. But seriously its too high to clear all of it. Maybe it will be advantage to those who are playing more hours on the game. But if we do a ratio in the players i think more players are less in time playing this game, 25/75 i guess. I will be honest, ill accept if few players will clear all the knowledge in hadum. But considerate also the players that are less in hours playing the game. Idk in korea version if its the same to us global on clearing the knowledge. Coz if you will not? Alot of players will clear the knowledge maybe half a year or more, and only few will finished it all in just a short period of time. Just saying do. I love the game. Hope you put interest and pay attention to this. Thanks.
2020-09-29 03:52
# 2

-_- its a marathon not a sprint

2020-09-29 09:03
# 3
What in the alternate-reality world are you talking about?! Why would PA change the content they just added, which is intent to keep players busy for months, and fast track it down to taking only a few days to complete?! With the continuation of main storyline quest not being released any time soon, we players need more objectives to keep the game interesting, not something that will be completed in the next week or two. This mirrored realm is supposed to be difficult to finish, as well as challenging to decide which knowledge we should be seeking out first to collect. Why should PA fast track anything because a few people are impatient?
2020-09-29 10:16
# 4
I would strongly disagree with making hadum content easier. We finally got something to chew on and keep us busy and you want it to be over already? No thanks
2020-09-30 00:42
# 5
Bro's im not saying to make it easy. Im saying it just maybe, like less 10% or 15%. Thats why "just saying so". I know its like a marathon but be considerate to players that dont have alot of time in the game. Good for bro's if your playing more time than me. Im ok with it. Thats the advantage you can get to this new content on the game. And again its just my suggestion or opinion.
2020-09-30 06:33
# 6
And another thing im sure before this year end there will be new updates or contents to be added. Do think we can keep up with it or do the things at same time, or can we do many things in a day in the game? Well goodluck to us. Especially for players that has no alot of time in the game. I know you know, we us players we have deffirent lifestyle. Some are just in house playing games all day, and some have work to do in a day. Think of that. Dont just fucos on one side in playing this game. Alot of players including me have jobs. But still, we play coz we love the game. 🙂
2020-09-30 07:41
# 7
I do find the knowledge gain between mob types to be wildly inconsistent. One type, boom minutes all done then another type 2 hours of farming and still not mad level.
2020-10-08 18:25