Bug or Actual Mechanic?
# 1

when I try to enter arena, and the 3v3 it tells me that "You cannot join arena due to a large disparity between you AP and DP"

Current AP: 3543

Current DP: 3057



1) is it something intended? 

1.1) if so how do I suppose to deal with it? It doesnt make sense that thanks to the buffs to red equipment I should be doing Arena/3v3 without a weapon (which means other buffs as well) 

1.2) how much of a difference is too much? 10% on top of the lower value? 


Edit: my weapon is Red, the sub weapon and the armor are Orange - and are awakened. 


2020-09-28 20:39
# 2

ur ap and dp difference is more then 400 i.e 3543-3057= 486 so increase ur dp or decrease ur ap and u will be able to join

2020-09-29 08:59