Mad ogre
# 1
I love the idea of a back style boss fight! But, same story. Spend and hour actively fighting a boss without a pee break for peanuts rewards. Congrats PA!
2020-09-19 20:39
# 2
I just want this to stay in the game and put all bosses like this with a lot of life it feels like a real boss fight just better the rewards a little more and it will be perfect
2020-09-19 20:58
# 3
Ever raided multiple nights a week, 5 hours a night, or spent hours running the same dunge.on back to back to back only to not have the gear you want not drop? Then next weeks attempt also failed to drop. Welcome to the MMORPG genre comrade. I hear the weather nice this time of year :)
2020-09-20 05:06
# 4

I agree, ogre needs to be nerfed

2020-09-21 02:35
# 5

You guys are going to have to adjust the HP on ogre boy. Fighting a boss for crap drops is going to make the community lose interest fast. We're better off farming for the fragments then doing this. 50x should be sufficient on what the rewards we get now or you need to up the rewards. Other than that this isn't worth a lot of players' time and we can be doing something else worthwhile.

2020-09-21 15:46
# 6

I agree I was at work and trying to get best reward by damaging it as much as I could. But could not figure the best of 2 stratagies. 1. buy a lot of health potion and damage it till im almost dead stop let my character heal up and then rinse repeat. 2. damage it as much as i could die auto path back and rinse repeat. I decided i would use 1 incase it gave me less stuff if I died. Im on Heidel in American and the boss showed up at like 9:00 and it took so long my battery died from playing my game too much. I think the boss was at 50 when i stopped at like 10. Too strong takes too long nerf a little make better rewards. I still really like the thought of an area boss that appears sometimes its really cool and keeps the game interesting.

2020-09-24 01:37