Peal Abyss, Please Wake Up!
# 1

Low Rewards:
We already know what most of the content are coming out, it is like we read the manga (Korean version) and watching the movie (Global version) with very slight differences. We also know the scarcity of resource for players to obtain things playing the game, and event rewards are very non-rewarding. The only way to obtain good amount of rewards is through paying money $.


Since PA started to do bi-weekly updates, where one week it will be some events ending and maybe 1-2 new events (poor rewards) and of course cash shop update, and the other week the main content update, they are very lack luster. I understand some of us finish the events at different speeds, but the lack of reward of completion is concerning. Suggestion: Make one week QoL (Quaility of life + events) update, and the 2nd week the usual main content, is that too much to ask for?

There are a lot of people qutting, just by deleting friends for inactive of 3-7 days of being offline, lack of server chat and most importantly, servers being "optimal" during times when they were usually "Busy". Some of the top 100 CP (combat power) players are quitting as well, and are looking to sell their account. Please stop bottlenecking contents for so long.

I want as much players to stay and prevent a server ,merge as much as possible, but as things are going, the merge will happen some day since some servers are almost dead, while others are barely hanging on. I really hope you guys take in this consideration as a fellow BDM player. thank you!

2020-09-18 19:29
# 2
Lack of event rewards? Some events I tend to agree, but currently that statement seems off base. You do see the 2 abyssal accessories, and i think 5 orange accessories. Not to mention red gems, lightstones, main weapons, etc
2020-09-20 04:47