Is the game broke?
# 1
Hi BDM! Why i cant play the game this morning? Is there a server problem or the game itself? It started 10am till now (4hours had passed). The game always say need space ( see attachment ), sometimes it will proceed but it cannot log in. The game will say unstable network but when i look my data signal its 4G+, and the other apps is just ok like youtube, fb, and app browsers. If you ask me try open other game will be happy only BDM is my online game. And so regarding with my issue on titan smackdown bug PLEASE FIX IT ASAP! My God! Back to the topic yeah i cant play. Im not sure if im the only one experiencing this. Well i'll still drop this message though. Hope you can fix this if it is really having an issue about the game.
2020-09-15 22:17
# 2
You are not the only one. Same thing is happening to me.
And to one of my friends too...
I don't know if someone else is having this problem too...
Hope they fix this
2020-09-16 01:10