Rng way too screwed.
# 1

So I am no the kind of guy who complains I understand that theres a lucky factor in MMORGP But:


- More than 10M Shak coins thrown to boots with out red.


- 12 Sushies burned from +5 to +6 without success (Guildie got to HEP without failing, he only had 8 sushies).


- 180 crystals + 85 Vals burned to get to Hex from Penta, without sucess.


So, one thing is you PA wanting us to put some money in the game, but another thing is scamming people with unbelievable odds.

2020-09-03 04:42
# 2

People still play the national lottery, even tho they will most likely never win once during their life.

Everyone knows this is a pure rng game.  Some get reds from shak with 20k coins and others doesnt after 3m coins.

My self is playing a f2p char and i got 1 red from event and full tet-jin gear. But if i want to be competetive i would prolly have to invest half of my salary, which is absolutely pointless for a mobile game.



So when knowing those terrible rates, I'd say theres no point in wasting money on a game that you dont feel lucky in. Create your character from your luck, rather than trying to force something that seem to not gonna happen.

Theres way better things to spend money on, than these ridicilous overprices pixelitems.   Buy a pc/console game for $30 and have unlimited fun instead.

If you are unlucky, try spending your money somewhere else. That is if you are paying ofc.

2020-09-07 00:32