How about removing paladin ?
# 1
First of all devs nerfed palas several times , then they buff other classes several times and recently they made archmage top op
So why keep this pala which is just good for nothing now , remove it and make it easier for all paladins to leave the game .
2020-08-27 10:35
# 2
The paladin's shield was to over powered. I do agree with how over powered the archmages are now. Im a lvl 72 gladiator and got beat by a lvl 66 archmage. There is just no window of opportunity for me to attack through. I know they can change ther rotations so it just depends on how the archmage plays but there is very little opportunity for an opening. Its like they can almost just auto attack because their ther ability are offensive and defensive at the same time.
2020-08-29 06:53
# 3
Палладин не играбельный и самый слабый класс, как и титан, эти классы останутся в мусорном ведре, не ждите баланса, его нет в BDO, его не будет в BDM.
2020-09-01 06:49