Please Debuff Archmage
# 1

Archmage To OP and Imbalance for this MMORPG Mobile Game, you hit it you will be frozen. you wait it, you will be frozen to after the ice coffin break, you escape far away, archmage is range damage dealer it's what they want for their enemy to be not near them, it only make them smile. and now the archmage acted like Melee Attacker+Tanker, are you sure you make Archmage as a Magic Class  and not a Tanker?


so i hope the Dev will turn back Archmage just like before it got buffed, or just erased the Frozen things while hit them. Don't make us hated and quit this game just because 1 Imbalance Class.


you know what? why not Buff Paladin? Paladin has many times debuffed. when use radiant charge, it can be canceled when they hit Paladin while they cast the skill, then when the skill actived, they also got damaged and not even tiny bit damaged got reduced, when you use radiant charge and 3 enemy in front of you, you become a nice living target, just use Black Spirit Skill on Paladin and their hp will reduce a lot. and punishment skill also can be canceled when they got attacked, when they failed to catch the enemy with Punishment, they will easily fallen down. and many more of debuffing things placed on Paladin. IF you can't make it immune to any damage while casting Radiant Charge, Can you at least put reduce damage 50% to 70%. because what is the use using that shield for charge?? IS THE SHIELD ONLY FOR A DECORATION????


About the healing skill of all Class/Jobs, it's better to healing % of HP and especially for Paladin that blessed by the power of Holy Light,  why not make the healing skill will heal the percentage of HP , like 20% or 30% of total HP, healing 1k HP while you have 17k, it's really like not healing at all and not get you a feeling of being a choosen one that blessed by the power of Light. and in the future maybe you can reach 20k++ HP , so if it's still healing 1k HP, that's really a let down, can the Dev do something about it.



2020-08-10 13:38
# 2
Very true! It’s so frustrating everytime I encounter an archmage’s so unbalanced
And i agree with healing skill based on %hp rather than 1k hp for paladin
2020-08-10 23:52
# 3

lol.. have you tried to play AM before? if not better shush. we are fcking arena fodder before we got the buff so if you cant beat AMs better gitgud.


here are some hints to help you gitgud. think of a way to counter these skills with your current set of skills.

-while in firestorm, we are NOT invulnerable like void knight's mist form. the current revamp FORCES us to dash towards the target unlike before.

-frigid fog, its the invulnerability doesnt last forever its only for a few seconds. its range is very short. its obvious when we will use this


i guess its easier to complain than think of a way to counter a class. i am one of the few AMs in challenger before the buff btw.

2020-08-11 05:38
# 4
I don't wanna be like buff this or nerf that , I just want everyone see the class percentage use on any server , I'm 100% sure that pala or lanc is less played class , it means it's not good at all , and servers are full of AM huntress, phan and some zerks .
So it shows how imbalance is this game
2020-08-27 10:19