ToTS blatant cheating
# 1
Such a good idea of an event geared toward of users. How TF can anyone on phone compete with someone with an auto clicker on there of mouse? Hmm it took 10s for red reward to be gone tonight and I doubt anyone of devs give 2 damns about it! This my venting frustration of playing a mobile game on device it was intended for and being delivered the $@#+ end of stick when comes to rewards, events and even pvp in this game when I have compete with someone on dedicated cable internet connection that's 100x then pos 4g that game is Dallas to be played on.. thanks for nothing devs what a waste of time!
2020-07-25 22:28
# 2

I disagree 100%.   I started this game maybe 3-4weeks ago on my phone. 100% f2p and at lvl 60 paladin with 4,2k cp.


The TotS is pretty fair.  make sure u got like 10m+ on you and click on two of the rooms when the countdown hits 0.  Most likely  u get in if u dont have any lag or so.

Press the coin button for 2sec and it starts autobuying. No need to spam clicks.  


As a noob to game i got lucky and got kazarka weapon chest the 2nd day of event.  Seem pretty fair to me.  Less rewards the longer it takes to win abyssal items.    


Just get into the room and the rest is rng :)

2020-07-27 03:30
# 3
Playing for 3 weeks I've been playing since the game launched something like 10 months and everything he said is right it's total crap that the ppl who play this game on the intended device are punished for doing so we are at so many disadvantes infact not only do they use macros and auto bot they have faster frame rates and better control but it doesn't stop there because pretty much all of the emulator users most in Asia but all nations do it Asia just a vast majority but they have all ready been playing the game for the last 4 or 5 years on every other device and a vast majority of players already know everything there is to know about this game which also severely handicaps anyone who waited for the global English version to come out and it's wrong
2020-08-11 01:24