Abyssal rate up is a LIE
# 1

I am not even surprised that your new rate up event is a complete joke. over 1 million coins dumped and no red yet seen. This game is hilarious and ridiculous. I have seen countless people with lower black spirit level than mine but full set of red. And your code of getting random result must been so wrongly written that an account with good RNG will have good row on EVERYTHING, and an account with bad RNG would have bad row on EVERYTHING. What I find is that if someone gets red easily, that person will row better stuff than you on EVERY fucking possible gacha exist in this game. And in long run, you will have to cost 50% or even double amount of effort in order to catch up to that person. JOKES ON YOU, PA, YOU SUCK!

2020-07-24 16:27
# 2

too bad they dont give a shit on what we post here since this is a dead forum. better give negative feedback in the playstore to warn future players on how shitty they are.

2020-07-24 20:52
# 3
Topic has been deleted
# 4

my friend bought that hot deal of 300k coins. he was furious he didn't get any gear. she was thinking about to quit the game entirely after it. were to trying to calm her down. i'm actually thinking of buying it then decided not to bait from it after what happen to her. 

2020-07-24 22:46